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About US


Vision Group of companies are owned and operated by three partners who are also family members:

  • Shailesh (Shail) Bhandari looks after business development and marketing
  • Divyesh Bhandari oversees production and human resources
  • Mukesh Patel is our numbers man, responsible for administration and finance

Our story

We all came to Canada from Gujarat, India in the early 1990s. Shail had just completed his master's degree in mathematics from Maharaja Shyajirao University and was looking for his next challenge. At age 25, he found himself traveling across eastern Canada as an inventory controller for Future Shop, when the large retailer was expanding throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.


After five years, Shail moved on to an electronics store where he worked part-time as the store manager. While the job paid the bills, Shail couldn't help but continue to dream of starting a business. At the same time, his brother Divyesh and sister's husband Mukesh just happened to get laid off from their jobs. That's when we boldly decided to establish Vision Metalizers and later, Vision Polymers.

How and why did we start this business?

The first reason is that we each possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This may be due to the fact that we grew up in a culture where everyone was likely to have some sort of business. For example, Shail's family owned a jewelry store where he and his siblings would help out after school.


Secondly, the timing was right for everyone. None of us wanted to return to the routine of unsatisfying employment. Shail did some research and prepared a business plan. But would our plan get us a bank loan? We were young, full of energy and full of hope. We knocked on a few bank doors before someone took us seriously. Finally, a business loan officer at TD Canada Trust was intrigued by our idea. He even helped us adjust our forecasts and budgets to create a sound and attractive presentation. They gave us all the capital we needed to start up! This was the beginning of our company and our hardwork.

Successful growth

While Vision Metalizers was founded in 1995, it wasn't until 1996 that we landed our first order. Revenue that initial year was only $35,000. But the following year we sold ten times that! Then growth doubled and doubled again. We've enjoyed about 15% annual growth ever since


In the early years, the company focused on manufacturing security mirrors. Operations were housed in a 3,000 square foot facility which we quickly outgrew. Now, the Vision Metalizers plant is a 30,000 square foot building and revenue has reached $5 million.


Launching Vision Polymers

When we decided to stop using cardboard for mirror backing and converted to plastic instead, we starting thinking about outsourcing. Of course India has become increasingly successful in this area . . . but then we thought, why not start our own company in India?


That's when we founded Vision Polymers. India is our homeland; we're familiar with its culture and comfortable with the business approach. Communicating is easier than in China or the Middle East. Plus, India has highly skilled people at a competitive rate.

Leveraging our Indian connections

Probably the most significant factor in our decision to launch operations in India, was the tremendous support we would have from family and friends living there. Not only have they become helpful resources but also close trusted partners. Their accountability and integrity gives us and our customers a guarantee that the job will get done.


In addition, we are pleased to have built a valuable relationship with H.M. Tools & Die of Panoli, Gujarat. This company has been our mold maker for several years. We liked H.M.'s quality and people so much we asked them to join our new venture. H.M Tools & Die trains our skilled workers and manages the Vision Polymer production facilities.

Plans for the future

The opportunity for business growth is huge, there are endless possibilities in designing and making plastic parts. Just think of the many plastic components in your own kitchen and office! Vision Polymer will increase capacity and plans to create further efficiencies by combining the facilities and workforce of two plants in India. Currently, we have 35 employees.


We truly enjoy earning our customers trust and helping them bring their ideas to reality. Contact us to learn how we can serve you.

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